Automatic ticket vendors

Automatic ticket vendor

In addition to authorised sales outlets and the SASA automatic ticket dispensers, users can also purchase tickets from the automatic ticket vendors, which offer a greater number of services.

What type of travel documents can be purchased?

  • Ordinary ticket for urban areas,
  • Day ticket for city zones for Bolzano or Merano,
  • Tickets for regional trains (also group ticket for a minimum of 10 people),
  • Value Cards,
  • Mobilcard,
  • Daily bicycle ticket
  • Nightliner (ticket for 1 and 10 nights)
  • Tageskarte Schweizerischer Nationalpark und Engadin.

Südtirol Pass - Info and recharge

The Südtirol Pass (prepaid) can also be charged from ticket machines, with payment in cash or with bancomat (Fastpay).
You can also check some data on your Pass: validity, miles accumulated, credit balance (for prepaid cards) or amount due from the last invoice.

Where are the automatic ticket vendors located?

Automatic ticket vendors are located:

  • at the Bolzano, Chiusa and Lana bus stations,
  • in all railway stations in the Province, with the (temporary) exclusion of Bolzano, Bolzano south, Casanova, Ponte Adige, Gargazzone and Salorno,
  • at the downline and upline stations of the Renon cableway,
  • in the Collalbo railway station (Renon train),
  • at the stations of the Mendola Funicular (St. Antonio-Caldaro and Passo Mendola),
  • at the Infopoint Mobile in Bressanone,
  • at the Tourist Info in Dobbiaco,
  • in the hospital Brunico.


Logo Fastpay

Tickets can also be purchased with ATM cards enabled for the Fastpay system at automatic ticket vendors installed on the ground (but not on trains). (Transaction limit: 100 euro).
The ticket machines accept banknotes worth 5, 10 and 20 euros.
The residual value cards can be used as normal value cards or refunded at an authorized sales point.