Special tickets - Holiday in South Tyrol

Mobilcards and South Tyrol Guest Pass

For those visiting South Tyrol for one or more consecutive days and who would like to use the public transport system, the most practical tickets are the Mobilcard, the museumobil Card or the bikemobil Card. Each of these tickets needs to be validated before every trip at the blue ticket validating machines found on the buses and at the train stations. Simply swipe the ticket on the sensor at the front of the machine if it is a contactless ticket or place the ticket into the machine from above if it is a ticket with a black magnetic strip. There is no need to state the destination.

The Mobilcards (Mobilcard, museumobil Card and bikemobil Card) are also available as Junior Cards at half the price. They can be purchased at the official points of sale of südtirolmobil / altoadigemobiltà, in tourist offices and from the automatic ticket vending machines.

The South Tyrol Guest Pass as well as the various Guest Tickets are issued exclusively to holidaymakers staying at the hotels participating in this special project.