The Mobilcard lets you travel on South Tyrol’s entire public transport network for one, three or seven consecutive days. It is available at the südtirolmobil / altoadigemobiltà sales points, tourist offices and at the ticket office at the Trento railway station*.

The ticket must be validated before each trip: just swipe the card on the blue ticket validating machine; the destination does not need to be given. Your name and the expiry date of the ticket (either the same day, or three or seven days from the first validation) must be written on the reverse side of the ticket. 

  Adult Junior
6 to under 14 years
Mobilcard 1 day 15,00 €  7,50 €
Mobilcard 3 days 23,00 € 11,50 €
Mobilcard 7 days 28,00 € 14,00 €

* The Mobilcard can also be purchased from vending machines at train stations in South Tyrol an in Brenner/Brennero. This Mobilcard has a magnetic strip and should be placed into the blue ticket validating machine from above.

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